Protective Face Masks

Protective masks are a necessity more than ever before. Stepping out of your home without wearing a mask is no longer a safe practice given the growing concern over airborne pathogens such as coronavirus. 


If you’re mulling over which type of mask will give you the highest level of protection, U-Mask, the first and only Biotech protection mask, deserves your consideration. 


The innovative biotech activated filter layer destroys and neutralises the finest  particles And if you cough or sneeze wearing the mask, the droplets would be killed inside without transmitting any risk to the wearer. 

These dual benefits make the protective face masks an integral part of a standard personal protective equipment ( PPE) for health workers and individuals.

Innovative Biotech Masks That Offer Optimum Protection 

After 30+ years of scientific research in the USA and Italy,  we designed and manufactured a face masks that neutralises  the growth of bacteria/microbes and thus significantly reduces the risk of contracting airborne diseases. 


This proprietary BioLayer™ formula has demonstrated promising results to reduce the bacterial load and is consistently strong against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


Our safety masks ensure protection not just to the wearers but to the people around them.  In times like these when we are fighting deadly pathogens like the corona virus, the  the biotech masks developed by U-Earth provide an excellent solution to protect people from dangerous air contaminants.

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Which protective mask is perfect?

Every mask offers a different level of protection.  It all depends on the type of protection you’re looking for. indoor and outdoor masks can be different. 


For instance, surgical-grade masks are essential for medical practitioners but will not be recommended for a school teacher, office employee or anyone in the general public. That does not mean they can’t have it, but experts recommend premium grade FFP2 ( N95 equivalent mask)  or FFP3 for health workers only. 

For general use, consider wearing standard face masks for protection against air pollutants such as lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and particulate matter.

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