Where to Buy Mouth Masks in the UK

Mouth masks are no longer an optional accessory. The Covid-19 outbreak has sparked the need of wearing a face or mouth mask to protect against the airborne pathogens such as the deadly corona virus. 


How safe a standard mouth mask can be against corona virus is still debatable, yet medical experts claim that it reduces a decent proportion of health risk. Wearing an N95 mouth mask can filter out up to 95% of the airborne pollutants and contaminants.


Wondering  where to buy a protective mouth mask in the UK? Here’s the first and only one Biotech mask in the world! Not only it neutralises the air contaminants, virus and bacteria on the outer surface but kills them inside the mask.


  • Smart and stylish 

  • Flexible band to adjust 

  • Works on proprietary BioLayer™ formula

  • Offers a comfort fit for men and women 

  • Made in Italy 

  • Can be used for up to 200 hours

  • Offers protection against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria

Have a look at our collection to choose the best mouth mask in the UK, for you and your family.

Is a Mouth Mask Any Different From Medical Masks?

Wearing a basic mask can save you from many airborne diseases such as the common flu. However, a cotton mask does not provide adequate protection in a medical environment which is prone to many known and unknown viruses and bacteria. 


A surgical grade mask is designed for health workers for protection against infected patients, especially when performing a medical procedure. 


Our biotech masks block the finest particles from entering the respiratory system of the wearer. Plus it inhibits the air droplets from coming out of the mask and transmitting the infection to people around the wearers. 


Despite the differences, our safety masks make a notable difference in your defense against airborne contaminants. Wear them inside while cleaning or disinfecting your home, office or when you step outside; the lab tested mouth mask is a perfect addition to your PPE in the UK. 

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